Vitamins and Supplements to Know

Vitamins and Supplements to Know

Now that you know all about supplements and whether they’re right for you and your athletes, here are four to consider for better health and performance:

B Vitamins: Provide energy for cellular function in active adults and athletes, who are often lacking the necessary reserves. Sleep deprivation and stress can be a culprit in depleting the body’s stores.

Zinc: An essential mineral that assists with proper function when it comes to digestion, metabolism and growth. For athletes, sub-par zinc levels in the body could impede recovery from injuries.

Vitamin D: Builds strong bones and assists with the body’s ability to absorb calcium, magnesium and zinc. Muscle aches and restless leg syndrome are often associated with Vitamin D deficiency.


Amino Acids: Considered the building blocks for muscles. Some amino acids (such as glutamine and glycine) are produced by the body naturally, but others (like leucine and lysine) must be obtained from food. Because amino acids are sourced from proteins like meat and eggs, strict vegetarians and vegans often require supplements.


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