Three Must-Know Social Media Tips from White Echo

Three Must-Know Social Media Tips from White Echo

In this week’s guest post, Danielle McAnn from White Echo shares her top social media tips for cheer professionals:

For those who feel daunted by the prospect of engaging their audience on this new medium, here are some basic and important tips to keep your social media feed above average.

Keep regular: To keep in contact with your audience and keep their attention, you will have to establish a satisfactory rhythm. This means updating really regularly, as a part of your strategy. Updating regularly does not mean, however, that you should bombard your followers with multiple updates everyday, because overdoing it will result in being unfollowed. Regular updates means finding a satisfactory timeframe and sticking to it. Market research shows that once every two days works well. It may vary on your audience, however, so get in contact with a social media expert for more information.

Quality and quantity: Don’t confuse regular updates with updates for the sake of updates. Everything you post should be good quality. Each time you post, ask yourself how it might be considered “value-added” for your reader. Is it funny? Is it interesting or informative? Does it offer them important information or an attractive deal? If you were a follower, would you click on this update? Would you like to be a part of what they are posting about? Look around at the social media of your competitors, and take what you like from their approach.

Use multimedia: Don’t make all of your updates text-based—mix other forms of media in there too, like images and videos. These are proven to be very popular and good at boosting social media attention.


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