Tech Tools: CheerLive!

Tech Tools: CheerLive!

Tech tool: CheerLIVE! (

What it is: Obsessed with watching routines on YouTube? Take your viewing habit up a notch with CheerLIVE!. The website provides both live streaming and video on-demand of various gym showcases (such as Cheer Athletics, Spirit of Texas and Cheer Extreme) and competitions like The MAJORS. For free, guests can listen to the CheerLIVE! radio library and watch top videos, and for a subscription fee of $9.99/month, members get full access to all benefits including video in-demand and competition webcasts.

Why it matters: During competition season, it’s important to stay current on who’s getting bids, who’s wowing the crowd and who’s setting the trends. CheerLIVE! provides a central place to watch national competitions around the country and put your finger on the collective all-star pulse. If you’re interested in broadcasting your own gym’s showcase, it can be a viable option on that front as well.

Quick tip: Want to get the most bang for your buck? Sign up for a full-season pass for $49.99 (a savings of $70).

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