ASGA: We Want Answers!

Between Tate Chalk’s take-no-prisoners talk and the organization’s open letter to the USASF, the All-Star Gym Association (ASGA) is making its voice heard—and many cheer professionals are listening. In its open letter, the ASGA put USASF on the hot seat on a number of its concerns, specifically:

· Tax structure: ASGA inquires as to the current tax structure of the USASF, citing the prospect of mandated athlete membership as the main area of concern. Reads the letter: “Gym owners would like a transparent view of spending and expenses so as to be the best stewards of our customers’ fees.”

· STUNT: The ASGA also asks for more information about the STUNT movement, where it stands in the bigger picture and its potential ramifications on all-star cheerleading. Reads the letter: “Who from within our leadership is in charge of safeguarding the interests of our businesses and will be responsible for prioritizing all-star cheerleading within the umbrella of other cheer-related activities?”

· Board of Directors: In the letter, the ASGA requests an “immediate, open election” of the Board of Directors and President, along with access to board meeting minutes and financial statements. The letter also poses questions about the USASF’s financial and professional ties to Varsity, with an emphasis on moving toward independence.

· Athlete Membership Fees: If and when mandatory athlete membership is introduced, the ASGA wants to know which USASF programs and expenses will be supported by the funds. Another potential concern is the privacy and confidentiality of athletes’ personal information captured in the USASF client database.

It’s only a matter of time until the USASF responds, and if ASGA has its way, they’ll get answers by October 12th (as requested in the letter). That’s just a few days away…and we’ll keep you posted as to what transpires.