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Summer Issue: Sneak Peek!

Summer Issue: Sneak Peek!

The summer issue of CheerProfessional is headed for a mailbox near you! Designated as our “Athletes’ Issue,” this edition is designed to help you get up to speed on all things athlete-related. From collecting overdue bills to hiring an athlete onto staff, you’ll find it all in our pages, along with stories like:

The Long & Winding Road for LGBT:  Have the industry truly come a long way? CheerProfessional explores the treatment of gay athletes in all-star cheerleading, talking candidly with cheer professionals from FAME All-Stars and ACE Cheer Company to see where we stand.

Shades of Grey: Our writer Janet Jay talks with gym owners from Cheer Athletics, CheerGyms.com and more to find out where the line should be drawn between “good” and “bad” recruiting. Has your gym been on the receiving end of dirty recruiting? Tell us about it by emailing jen@thecheerprofessional.com.

More Than Business: Forming strong bonds with athletes is par for the course, but where should cheer professionals draw the line? This article explores the close-knit relationships many cheer professionals form with athletes—and the positive and negative ways they can affect the gym as a whole.

Two Sides: Are too many at-large bids being given to Worlds? Debbie Sprague of Capital Elite All-Stars and Theapia Best of New Jersey Spirit Explosion debate.

Cheer Pro-files: This issue is chock-full of great profiles of some of the industry’s most prominent faces and figures. Don’t miss our story on USASF “rules guy” Les Stella (and get a peek into his “Day in the Life!”) Also, meet the trio behind Texas’ perennial powerhouse Cheer Athletics—Brad Habermel, Jody Melton and Angela Rogers—and find out how they went from humble beginnings to hit machine.

Those are just a few of the stories we have in store for you this season—can’t wait to hear your feedback!





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