Starting a Gym 101: Setting Up Your Space

Starting a Gym 101: Setting Up Your Space

Business experts and Gym Kix owners Carrie Harris and Stephanie Beveridge

Obtaining a building, space and equipment is number 9 on our list.

An inefficient design of your facility can greatly affect your bottom line. A lot of businesses go too big too fast. Getting the most amount of kids in the least amount of space is how businesses become profitable.

Every square inch of your facility should be viewed as a way to earn money. You will be paying for the space, so you should be earning on the space. Areas that you cannot make a profit on (office, front desk, etc.) should use minimal space, as this will allow you to maximize your moneymaking areas.

In addition, we highly suggest getting an equipment company that can also do a design layout for your facility. With most equipment/design companies, the money you pay for the design will go towards equipment you may want to purchase. Designing pit layouts, in-ground trampolines, etc. takes industry and architectural knowledge, and having a professional design your layout will save you time and money in the long run.

Before finalizing your budget numbers, remember to research codes and permits for your city to ensure your building is up to code regarding ADA, bathrooms, sprinklers, parking spaces, etc. A lot of the times new businesses forget to add those expenses into the cost of building or renovating their facility.

Equipment can be expensive and hard to obtain, financially, while you are starting out. We suggest starting with the minimum amount of equipment you need, and as your business grows, you can purchase more equipment. Depending on what programs you offer, your startup equipment list will vary. Just remember, it’s easier to add equipment once you start turning a profit. There are also websites that sell used equipment from facilities that are closing or wanting to get rid of their equipment—just be cautious and research what you are purchasing.

-Carrie Harris & Stephanie Beveridge

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