Guest Blog from AmeriCheer: Meal Planner for Cheer Coaches

As college cheerleaders, we had long days of classes on top of tough practices and workouts. People always asked, “Where do you get that kind of energy?” And as a coach, the pace doesn’t slow—practices, games and events take up a lot of time and energy. (Plus, you may have a family and career!) No matter what stage you’re at in your cheer career, eating healthy—and measuring the proper amounts—is the number-one way to keep your energy all day.

My sister realized how stressed I was when it came to meals when I would stand in front of my fridge and pantry trying to come up with something. She suggested a meal plan, but I told her I didn’t have time. She said all it took was five minutes on a Sunday before heading to the grocery store. I decided to try making a meal plan and it’s awesome!

All you need is a dry-erase board and a listing of your favorite foods. It’s fun…and organized! To get started, grab a notebook or type up the following:

× List 10 of your favorite fruits

× List 10 of your favorite veggies (fresh is better!)

× List 10 favorite lunches (such as a sandwich or soup)

× List 5 favorite lunch sides (as simple as a pickle, some crackers or fruit)

× List 10 favorite dinners (Yes, it is okay to choose pizza and takeout once a week.)

× List 10 favorite dinner sides (mainly starches and grains)

× List 5 breakfasts (eggs, toast, muffins, pancakes, waffles—and yes, I do buy the frozen waffles!)

For each day, choose your meals based on your list:

Breakfast Example: Add a fruit and a breakfast item (could be cereal/poptart/muffin/anything)

Lunch Example: Grilled cheese and some tortilla chips. If you pack your kids lunches, add variety every day! They will love it.

Dinner Example: Choose a meat/fish/poultry and 2 sides (veggie and starch)

Once your weekly list is complete, head to the grocery store; this will help save costs and keep your portions reasonable. This is also GREAT for families, as you are not scrambling to decide what to make for dinner. With a meal planner that takes less than five minutes to create, you will be organized, less stressed and have lots of energy for coaching your team!

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