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Just Press “Play:” Training Game Tips

Just Press “Play:” Training Game Tips

Inspired by our “Game Night” story and want to play during practice? Here’s how:

Stay simple.┬áSarah Swicegood Macrow of CEA began giving out colored string bracelets to athletes who had mastered certain skills, and soon the bracelets themselves became a badge of pride (and a bragging right). “All it takes is walking into the toy section,” says Macrow. “We run out of ideas all the time, but you just make up your own game. All you need is sidewalk chalk or a deck of cards.”

Keep them competitive. Cheer attracts athletes who want to be the best. Melissa Meriwether’s 50 Day Challenge at Spirit Xtreme works because it allows her athletes to both compete as individuals and work together, and Spanich’s spotlight sessions accomplish the same end. Give your athletes a chance to have fun, to shine as individuals as well as part of a team and they’ll be motivated to work harder.

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