Fast Blast: Get in Shape on the Go

Fast Blast: Get in Shape on the Go

With the many demands of coaching and running a gym, finding time for your own workouts can often pose a challenge. (Understatement.) Fortunately, the rules of exercise have changed, and “workouts on the go” have become increasingly common. With the right approach, you can get an effective workout in just minutes a day, wherever you are. Get our experts’ four top tips below—and go, go, go!

Join Your Team During Practices.

Your number one job is to coach safely and effectively, but that doesn’t mean you can’t multi-task. While training time with your team shouldn’t count as your only daily workout, burning a few extra calories never hurts. “Be certain to consider this your low intensity time on the clock and use it to help you accumulate activity during the day,” says Shannon Fable, a former cheerleader for the University of Florida and an ACE certified personal trainer. Fable recommends getting a pedometer to monitor your level of activity during the day and running extra laps around the mat once the team goes home.

Make Do With the Minimum.

There are tons of ways to sneak in exercise while on the go and most of them require no equipment whatsoever. For a quick workout with no equipment, Fable recommends doing 10 each of the following:  squats, push ups, squats jumps, triceps push-ups, burpees, crunches, oblique crunches, and a 60-second plank before repeating. Podcasts and phone apps are also great options, according to Jennifer Galardi, a health and fitness expert who works with some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, including Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra. She recommends yoga, plyometrics, squats, planks, interval training—all things that can be done solo in a small space.

Take Advantage of Travel Opportunities.

Don’t use travel as an excuse to stop working out. Many hotels have incorporated workout rooms in their facilities, so you can usually exercise without even leaving the building. Fable also recommends trying out the app Nike Training, which offers options for workouts that last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. “If you’ve been monitoring how much activity you get in a day when you’re at home, set a goal to reach the same numbers while you’re traveling,” says Fable.

Make the Most of Split Workouts.

Don’t have time to spend an hour running? Don’t despair. It’s possible to get good results by working out in smaller chunks of time several times a day. “I’m a big fan of getting done what you can in the time you have,” says Galardi. Sneak 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the middle of the day, and 20 minutes later in the evening and you’ll have gotten a full, effective workout all without even realizing it. For this to work, though, you need to give each short workout your all. “The best tip I have on making the most of a brief session? Be present. Execute your workout with the same diligence you teach your students and you’ll be successful,” says Galardi.

-Diana Bocco


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